Game of Thrones S07E02 “Stormborn” Review

mv5bmtu0zwm2mjmtmjlmnc00mwuzlwjinmitytkzodbhnwvlymqyxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvymjk3ntuyotc-_v1_sy1000_cr0015021000_al_With only 12 episodes of the show left, it was down to Stormborn to set the wheels in motion for the final chapter of the story. And boy did it do that.

Daenerys is quickly moving forward with her conquest of Westeros. After confronting Varys’s treacheries against previous rulers in one of the episode’s most powerful moments, Daenerys was alerted that she had a visitor. This visitor turned out to be Melisandre. This was a huge moment for the show, as not only was this the first official convergence between the “Ice” and “Fire” storylines (or the “Jon” and “Daenerys” storylines in simpler terms), but it also provided a hint at things to come; with Melisandre hinting that Daenerys might be the prophesised “Prince who was Promised” that will save Westeros from the White Walkers (with “Prince” being a gender neutral term according to Missandei). Melisandre however did hint there might be more to it than that, telling Daenerys she “has a part to play, as does another” which might be a nod to the long running fan theory that Daenerys and Jon Snow together are the “Prince who was Promised”. This scene was an excellent way to start the episode, with Emilia Clarke, Conleth Hill and Carice Van Houten all delivering great performances as well as introducing Daenerys to the wider arc of the White Walkers. It also saw Daenerys, with Tyrion and Melisandre’s urging, contacting Jon Snow promising the two meeting very soon.

Later in the episode, Tyrion revealed the strategy for Daenerys’s conquest of Westeros. Rightly predicting that Cersei would use the fear of Dany’s army of foreigners to unite the Lords of Westeros, Tyrion announced that only the Westeros armies allied with Dany would lay siege to King’s Landing so the Lords of Westeros would see it’s not just foreign invaders they’re fighting while Daenerys’s army of Unsullied would take Casterly Rock; the Lannister’s ancestral home and the seat of their power. An excellent plan, in theory. But what made this scene stand out was what happened after, with Daenerys having a small scene with Olenna Tyrell. Olenna warned Daenerys not to rely on Tyrion’s advice all the time and that she might be better suited ignoring him and following her own ideas. Olenna has always been one of the show’s best characters so it was wonderful to see two of the most powerful women in the show finally interact.

And finally we saw Grey Worm and Missandei consummate their relationship before Grey Worm heads out to attack Casterly Rock. The interaction between the two was sweet, as the relationship has always been rather cute. Grey Worm’s comments about fear however make me worried. Is it possible Grey Worm will die during the assault on Casterly Rock?


At Winterfell, things began to heat up. Well not literally but you get the idea. Jon received Daenerys’s summons, and upon learning Tyrion was her Hand was tempted to accept, hoping Tyrion could help convince Daenerys to join them. And upon receiving Sam’s letter about the Dragonglass mine on Dragonstone, Jon was even more determined to go. However, this seemed to have cost him some support among the Northern Lords, many of whom argued Daenerys’s summons could be a trap and that the North needs the King of the North IN the North. Jon however was adamant that they need allies to fight the White Walkers. They need Dany’s army, her dragons and the Dragonglass. Jon managed to win some support back by leaving Sansa in charge. I can’t help but wonder though if Jon might be risking dividing the North in his attempts to unite Westeros.

We also saw Jon and Littlefinger speak in the Winterfell crypts. Even though it appeared Littlefinger came off the worse here, I can’t help but feel that Jon just proved to Littlefinger that he’s not someone Littlefinger can control. And as has been proven in the past, this is not a good position to be in. With Jon gone, it’s possible Littlefinger could work his way back into Sansa’s head and manipulate her into seizing control and usurping Jon while he’s away. But perhaps Sansa has grown smarter than that? Either way, the ice is melting under Littlefinger’s feet and he’s sure to make one last desperate bid for power sooner rather than later.

Elsewhere in the North we saw Arya reunited with Hot Pie, her old friend and upon learning that Jon is King in the North, she abandoned her quest to kill Cersei and headed back North. And here we got perhaps the most powerful scene of the episode. Arya was reunited with her Direwolf; Nymeria. In the years since the events of Season 1 where Arya forced Nymeria to run away out of fear she would be killed by Cersei, Nymeria has become the leader of a great wolf pack. As Arya pleads for Nymeria to come home with her, Nymeria simply turns away. Arya smiles and says “No. That’s not you.” Cementing that both she and Nymeria are not the same girl and wolf who left Winterfell. Just as Arya is trying to find her new place in the world, Nymeria has found hers. They have both changed and will not just adapt back to normal life; perhaps indicating a happy ending for Arya, at least ones fans expect anyway, probably isn’t on the cards.


At the Citadel, we were very brief. Archmaester Ebrose is seen examining Jorah’s fast spreading greyscale. Ebrose remarks there is nothing more that can be done for Jorah and he will soon lose his mind to madness. He gives Jorah one day to do as he pleases before he will be sent to Valyria to live out his days with the Stone Men, heavily implying Jorah should kill himself. Ebrose remains insistent Jorah cannot be treated despite Sam being desperate to try. This leads Sam to try a highly experimental, and dangerous, treatment on Jorah in secret out of respect for Jorah’s father; Jeor Mormont, former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. This “treatment” was perhaps the most disgusting scene Game of Thrones has done in a long while. It was incredibly difficult to watch. I applaud the show for making me feel so squeamish while watching this scene, especially the cutaway to someone eating; tricking us that the knife cutting into the food was actually the operation on Jorah.


A brief check in at King’s Landing saw Cersei appeal to Tyrell bannermen that Daenerys’s army poses a terrible threat to all of Westeros and that their true duty is to the throne; not Olenna Tyrell. Later, Jaime appeals to Randall Tarly (Sam’s father) and Dickon Tarly (with Merlin actor Tom Hopper replacing Freddie Stroma who played the character in Season 6). We also saw Qyburn reveal his latest creation to Cersei; an anti-Dragon ballista that fires spears powerful enough to pierce a Dragon’s bone (someone’s been watching The Hobbit). With Tyrell bannermen coming to her side and the Dragon ballista, the game slowly tips in Cersei’s favour. Will one of Daenerys’s dragons meet its death at the hands of Cersei’s ballista later this season?


And finally, this episode concluded on the sea with Yara, Theon, Ellaria and the Sand Snakes on their way to Dorne to collect the Martell army and lay siege to King’s Landing. With some fun character moments here; including Obara and Nymeria (not that one) making fun of Tyene and Ellaria and Yara flirting with each other. This was all cut short however with a surprise attack by Euron and his fleet. What followed was a horrifically brutal battle, with Euron’s men quickly gaining the upper hand and butchering Yara’s men. Euron himself joined in on the fighting and murdered Obara and Nymeria (not that one) with their own weapons. Ellaria and Tyene were captured and after a short fight, Euron overpowered Yara. Euron taunted Theon to try and rescue Yara, but as Theon watched all around him at the bloodshed and seeing Yara’s men getting mutilated; Theon disappeared and Reek returned (note Theon’s flinch beginning to return) in a wonderful piece of acting by Alfie Allen. Gemma Whelan also managed to convey some wonderful emotion as Yara sheds a few tears, knowing what is happening to her brother, knowing it’s not his fault and knowing she can’t do anything to help him. Theon then fled, terrified and Euron left with Yara, Ellaria and Tyene as his captives and in one move utterly robbing Daenerys of a major advantage; the Ironborn fleet and her alliance with Dorne. It’s clear now that the gift Euron promised Cersei was Ellaria and Tyene; the two responsible for killing Cersei’s daughter Myrcella. I’m willing to bet Cersei will greatly enjoy the opportunity to kill, or threaten to kill, Tyene in front of her mother Ellaria.


Stormborn was a massive improvement over Dragonstone in every way. While Dragonstone wasn’t bad by any means, it was certainly devoid of any meaningful events occurring apart from Daenerys’s arrival in Westeros. Stormborn meanwhile had many significant plot advancements and moved at a breakneck pace, exactly what I expected from a Game of Thrones season with less episodes. Stormborn had some wonderful character moments, some great action and contained several moments fans have been waiting for and also showed how the wide circle of the show is slowly closing and soon every storyline will be joined. If the rest of Season 7 is up to this quality, then we’re in for a good one.


Useless trivia: This is the second episode in a row to have a title relevant to Daenerys; with Dragonstone being the place of her birth and where she finally arrives in Westeros and Stormborn being one of her titles; Daenerys Stormborn due to her being born during a vicious storm.


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